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Kids & Students: Faith Path

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Rocky Mountain Christian Church believes that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship. The FAITH PATH exists to partner with you as you guide your child’s faith journey one step at a time. Take advantage of the following links to begin the process in your family.

Rocky’s Family Ministries Team:

Marie Dudrey, Frederick Children’s Pastor |

Julie Sanborn, Frederick Early Childhood Coordinator | 

Billy Bonfield, Frederick Student Pastor | 

Amanda Rohrbaugh, Niwot Children’s Pastor | 

Anni McElhinney, Niwot Elementary Coordinator | 

Mike Rea, Niwot Student Pastor | 

Watch the Faith Path Strategy video.


Parent Dedication [Birth – 2 yr]

Make a commitment to raise your child in a Christ-centered home.

Download the Parent Dedication Kit

Listen to Parent Talk 1

Listen to Parent Talk 2

Listen to Parent Talk 3

Blessing [3+]

Establish the practice of praying for and giving a blessing to your child on a routine basis.

Watch the Blessing Video

Download the Blessing Kit

Family Time [4+]

Establish the practice of connecting as a family while passing spiritual truths to your child.

Watch the Family Time Video

Download the Family Time Kit

Prepare to Lead Your Child to Christ [5+]

Learn how to lead your child to Christ.  Although it may be several years before your child expresses an interest in becoming a Christian, now is the time for you to prepare for those discussions.

Download the Prepare to Lead Your Child to Christ Kit

For a more in-depth study, download the Baptism Guide for Parents & Study for Kids

Prayer [6+]

Teach your child about prayer and establish the practice of praying as a family.

Watch the Prayer Video

Download the Prayer Kit

Bible [7+]

Teach your child about God’s Word and establish the practice of reading and memorizing scripture as a family.

Watch the Bible Video

Download the Bible Kit

FUN, Books of the Bible Video!

Worship [8+]

Establish the practice of adoring God personally, at home, at church and as a lifestyle.

Watch the Worship Video

Download the Worship Kit

Giving & Serving [9+]

Establish the practice of giving and serving others for God’s glory.

Giving & Serving Kit and Video COMING SOON!

Preparing for Adolescence [9+]

Discuss the changes and challenges of puberty with your child. (Be sure to sign up for our Preparing for Adolescence class. This class includes parenting strategies during this time of your child’s life.)

Watch the Preparing for Adolescence Video

Download the Preparing for Adolescence Kit

Listen to “The Talk” Part 1

Listen to “The Talk” Part 2

Purity [11+]

Prepare and challenge your child to cherish and commit to purity.  (Be sure to sign up for our Purity class. This class includes parenting strategies during this time of your child’s life.)

Watch the Purity Video for Parents

Watch the Purity Video for Parents and Students

Download the Purity Kit

Rite of Passage [16+]

Celebrate and give your child a vision for the future as an emerging adult.

Watch the Rite of Passage Video

Download the Rite of Passage Kit

Download the Rite of Passage Planning Guide and Sample Letters

Launch [18+]

Coach your child to move toward college and/or career and adult independence.

Watch the Launch Video

Download the Launch Kit

Salvation and Baptism [Age will vary]

When your child trusts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, create a time of celebration and guide your child toward baptism.

Download the Salvation & Baptism Kit

Upcoming Faith Path Events and Classes:

June 6 | LITTLE PRINCESS TEA (ages 4 years through current 2nd grade girls and their Dads) – Click HERE to register.

July 18 | LITTLE WARRIOR DINNER (ages 4 years through current 2nd grade boys and their Moms) – Registration coming soon!